How to do fundamental analysis on stocks using yahoo! finance

How to Do Fundamental Analysis on Stocks Using Yahoo! Finance

Fundamental analysis is an important tool for stock investment. Unlike technical analysis, which mainly focuses on price movement by studying charts, fundamental analysis looks at economic factors such as a company’s market share, growth, revenues, earnings, profit margins, return on equity etc. to determine whether a stock worth your money. There are many tools for doing fundamental[…]

Best Free Fonts for Logos

Best Free Fonts for Logos

Even if you are not a graphic designer, sometimes you might need to create a logo by yourself, in situations such as creating a startup MVP, working on a Hackathon projects or a side project. When it comes to designing a logo, one of the most important things is choosing a good font. With a beautiful font, even[…]

Top Coworking Spaces in Beijing

Top Coworking Spaces in Beijing

Beijing is not only the capital of China but also the home of many startups. In recent years, coworking (联合办公) has become popular in China. As a result, these days you can find more and more coworking spaces (联合办公空间) in Beijing. If you’re interested in finding a co-working space in this city, below is a list[…]

How to host a WordPress website free on OpenShift: a step by step tutorial with pros and cons.

How to Host a WordPress Website for Free on Openshift

As a web developer, I have a strong tendency of building everything by myself. That’s why when I started my personal website,, I built the whole thing, including a blog system, all by myself using PHP. But later on I started realizing the power of WordPress and eventually decided to migrate my site to be[…]

Things to Consider When Building a Website in China

Recently I have been working from China and was involved in building a couple of websites that target visitors from China. While most of the web development techniques can be applied directly to building websites in China, I did realize there are some special issues that need to be addressed. The main thing you have[…]

Online Image Resources for Designers and Developers

As a web developer who often has to do some design works (such as creating a simple logo, configuring a site template, adding photos to blog posts etc.), I have collected some resources that I’ve been using very often. Below are some links for designers and developers. Online Image Editor: Can’t afford a PhotoShop or[…]